Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement

Located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is geographically the largest country in Europe. Ukraine has a population of 45 million people and in 2014 had a Gross Domestic Product of $177 billion.

In 2014 Ukraine was Canada’s 74th agri-food export market with imports averaging $15.5 million. Top Canadian agri-food and agricultural exports to the region were: meat, animal products, animal fodder and oilseeds. Canadian suppliers currently incur tariffs of 8 to 14 percent on agri-food and agricultural products.

Free-trade agreements such as the agreement with Ukraine will help Canadians involved in our globally competitive agri-food export sector that exports half of our beef production, 65 per cent of our malt barley, two-thirds of our pork, almost 75 per cent of our wheat and 90 per cent of our canola.