Canadian Agri Food Trade Alliance

Trade is my Future

As the voice of Canadian agriculture and agri-food exporters, CAFTA is dedicated to supporting a more open and fair trading environment for agriculture and agri-food.

As part of this mission, we are highlighting the over 90 percent of Canadian farmers who contribute to our rural and urban communities while depending on trade to earn a living. These are their stories.

Meet Mark Verkuyl

Mark Verkuyl Card 1

Mark Verkuyl Card 2

Mark Verkuyl’s Story

Meet Brett McRae

Brett McRae Card 1

Brett McRae Card 2

Brett McRae’s Story

Meet Caroline Sekulic

Caroline Sekulic Card 1

Caroline Sekulic Card 2

Caroline Sekulic’s Story

Meet Corey Loessin

Corey Loessin Card 1

Corey Loessin Card 2

Corey Loessin’s Story

Meet Margaret Hansen

Margaret Hansen Card 1

Margaret Hansen Card 2

Margaret Hansen’s Story

Meet Markus Haerle

Markus Haerle Card 1

Markus Haerle Card 2

Markus Haerle’s Story

Meet Matt Sawyer