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CAFTA welcomes new market access opportunities for Canadian agriculture and agri-food exporters

Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement – July 11, 2016

Ottawa, July 11, 2016 – On news that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announce the signature of the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement in Kyiv, Ukraine, Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA) President Brian Innes issued the following statement:

“As the voice for Canada’s agriculture and agri-food exporters, CAFTA expresses strong support for ambitious and comprehensive free-trade agreements that help businesses of all sizes grow, create jobs and contribute to a sustainable economy.

Our members support the elimination of tariff and non-tariff trade barriers through trade agreements. This helps hundreds of thousands of farmers, producers and processors have access to more international demand so that Canadians have more opportunities here at home.

Canada is a nation built on international trade. Trade drives Canada’s agriculture and agri-food industry. Trade supports rural and urban communities across Canada.

Trade liberalization agreements such as the Canada-Ukraine free trade agreement will help Canadians involved in our globally competitive agri-food export sector that exports 40% of our processed foods, 50% of our beef, 65% of our malting barley, 70% of our pork, 70% of our soybeans, 75% of our wheat, 90% of our canola and 95% of our pulses.”

For further information, contact:

Claire Citeau
Executive Director, CAFTA, 613-560-0500


CAFTA is the voice of Canadian agriculture and agrifood exporters representing over 90 per cent of Canada’s agriculture and agri-food exports, about $50 billion in exports annually. The economic activity created by CAFTA members supports hundreds of thousands of jobs in agriculture and food manufacturing. A significant portion of these jobs would not exist without competitive access to world markets.

CAFTA members represent farmers, producers, processors and exporters from the trade dependent sectors including the beef, pork, grains, oilseeds, sugar, pulse, soy and malt sectors. @CAFTA_ACCA