Canadian Agri Food Trade Alliance


CHASING CHINA: Expanding Canada’s Agriculture and Agri-Food Exports to China

China will be crucial to Canada’s economic future over the next 50 years. China is a massive market where consumers are hungry for safe, high-quality products.

China has become the 3rd largest destination for agricultural products worldwide. Opportunities are enormous with China projected to be the world’s largest agrifood importer by 2020.

China is already Canada’s second largest market for Canadian agri-food exports. In 2015, Canada exported C$5.6 billion in agri-food products to China,1 and unlike many of Canada’s trading partners; exports to China have been climbing steadily and did not fall during the global economic crisis. Canadian agri-food exports to China include significant exports of canola products, which account for half of all shipments, as well as pulses, pork, wheat, barley, soybeans, beef, genetics and processed products.

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