Canadian Agri Food Trade Alliance


Chasing China: The World’s Largest Agri-Food Market

As Prime Minister Trudeau prepares to head to China, read the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance’s policy paper on China:

Chasing China: A Policy Paper on Expanding Canada’s Agriculture and Agri-Food Exports to China

The report outlines the potential for expanding trade in a market that accounted for $5.6 billion in Canadian agri-food and agri-food exports last year. China is Canada’s second largest two-way trading partner after the U.S.

China is a massive market with an emerging middle class demanding safe, high-quality products. It is projected to be the world’s largest agrifood importer by 2020. Canada has a globally competitive agri-food sector with significant opportunity for growth, as described by the Advisory Council on Economic Growth to Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Overall, Canada exports half its beef, more than half its malting barley, pork and soybeans, 75 per cent of its wheat, 90 per cent or more of its canola and pulses and over 40 per cent of its processed foods.